Music is the word!

I feel it's about time I share a bit more of what's a big part of my life -Music!
Here are a few of the many things that are buzzing in my beautiful heaphones!

  • Florence and the Machine -Lungs. Now that has to be the best album made in a looong time! It's just simply wonderful from A to Z. Powerful drums, catchy melodies, ballads and very important- good lyrics. It's just a bijoux of 2009. If you haven't listened to it then 1. Shame on you and 2. Log on to your Spotify, now! Oh! Also, I'm seeing her in May and I'm extremely excited!!!!! Good times!

  • Vampire Weekend -Vampire Weekend and Contra. Both albums are mint. Contra is a very nice suprise. Some bands tend to rest on their laurels after a very successful debut album. Well, they didn't! I strongly advice you educate yourself with the first one if you haven't heard it yet and for the ones already fans, you know the place to be ;)

  • Britney Spears -The singles collection. Yeah, Britney is still going strong. Listening to pop music is my new favourite past-time, so i'd rather listening to good old one.

  • Artic Monkeys -Humbug. Good album, even though the past one is better to my taste. Nothing can ever remplace the beat of "Old yellow bricks". Still have to admit that "Cornerstone" is my latest favourite (not too sure about the video). NB. Alex Turner's hair is fiiinnnee!!

  • Empire of the Sun -Walking on a dream. Bit too MGMT alike, bit too acid inspired, bit gay?, yet awesome!

  • It was only after going deeply through my old Itunes that I realized how much I loved The Enemy's album -We'll live and die in these towns. Tunes!

... Plus many, many others! New stuff is good but I do very much enjoy listening to stuff I used to play over and over and being reminded of the (good?) old days.

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