You know when you have a recurrent headache because you just feel that your thoughts are going too quick? Everything is so messy inside but still, it's quite a nice feeling to know that you're being mentally productive...

There's this exam that I will be doing tomorrow morning. I don't think it's a really hard exam, but it's just there -on the way.
The thought of starting a new job is also quite a major one. I'm very excited to experience a new working environment. No drunk people, grannies who complain about how their scones are baked or workingmen who want their daily morning bacon roll. Something entirely new to me! And boy that's exciting!

I am also looking forward to go back to France and see my sweet and loving family. And the one or two friends I have left there too. Yeah that's right...

The disappointment of the summer is not to go to Hurricane in June. I will be missing The Strokes. Just having to type that and knowing it's actually not happening is bringing back this lump in my throat. The Stroooookes!!! I always go on about how much I want to see them. Until now people were taking the piss saying that were are over. And now -the moment when they are finally coming back on the music scene I won't be there with all the clever bastards watching. Anyway, the one reason because of which I am choosing to miss that is precisely not to miss something else. So fuck it. The Strokes are not going anywhere -a job offer is.

Random topic of the week: paper cuts. Think about how often you think about them. Not so often I assume.

Check out how cute Albert is on the side... dunno what Agyness was thinking went she let him go!


New page

Well Helloooo!
I have been pretty quiet for the past.. two weeks maybe? But I have three very good reasons for that.
  • I have had Alex at home for an extended period of time. Almost two weeks instead of the four original days that it was supposed to be. We had a fab time. We went to Glasgow, the Castle, Cramond beach, New Town, Old Town... all the usual touristy places. It was also nice to have some French company.

  • I have been revising for my exam, without mentionning this Wiki that has abslutely sucked the strength out of me!

  • I have created a new blog that I have been meaning to open for a while. A blog exclusively dedicated to music. Music that I love, music that I've just discovered, music that I know is good and that I wish I was listening to more... You'll find fresh and up-an-coming stuff, but also cheesy stuff, songs that are catchy but not necessarily good musically speaking. Anyway, go browse some tunes on it and leave a comment -I love a bit of arguing over tastes ;)

Other than that, there's been a major news recently: I got a new job :) Marte, who's doing her placement at JAC travel got me an interview there last friday as they were looking for someone for the busy summer. I got the good news on wednesday. I was just so happy! I hope I will love it as much as Marte is! I'm not too worried :)

To celebrate my future salary and treat myself, I bought ELLE. I never buy it because £3.60 for a magazine is just over-priced to me. But I don't feel as bad now. I just love the whole process behind it. Going to the Newsagent, choosing your magazine, looking at the big titles, and then just siting down in the bus or at home and opening it to discover hundreds of glossy pages covered in pretty photoshoots and full of upcoming trends. And the heady smell of the freshly printed pages is just delightful!

My step-mum buys dozens of these magazines every month and she always goes on about how she has to be the first one to touch them. Nodoby can read them unless she has read them first. I think I got that from her.

Not only am I planning to buy ELLE and VOGUE, I am also thinking about getting a subscription for french rock and alternative music magazine Rock & Folk. I just watched French X-Factor last night and one of the judges is the editor-in-chief of the magazine. This man is just brilliant, and he definitely knows what he is talking about and has such an extensive knowledge about music from all times. He would just quote a random artist from the 60s or 70s and you would be like "no wonder he is doing what he does..."

Seeing him arguing about great acts just reminded me how much I enjoyed reading his magazine every month when I was back in France. So if ordering in the UK is possible, then I'm definitely gonna go for it!

I just need to keep focused until monday -11h40. After that, it's aaall good! :)



Grow up!

I'm going through a little bit of a crisis at the moment... "A teenage crisis" as we say... I catch myself listening and singing along to BB Brunes in the morning, at night, in the afternoon... under the shower! Not too good! How old am I, honestly!???! ahah

Not gonna develop on that, I'm blushing already...

Today Chris, Karo and I went to lovely Stockbridge for a walk. The sun was out so so were we :) On the way we stopped to BetFred, aye! We each bet a bit on a few horses. I had never bet on anything so it was quite exciting! The guys said I revealed another side of myself in the betting place, that I was quite hyper! ahah!! Maybe I have a secret addiction for gambling! I will never find out, because it was the first and last time. See I already have the words of an addict...

We went to the pub, the St Vincent to watch the race. Karo and I were quite (very) into the horses, their looks, their behaviour. We lived the race like no one else in the pub. The horse jumped 30 obstacles. So did Karo.

Marte and her new baby joined us. It was incredible the amount of cats, dogs and squirrels we saw on our way! They probably had the same idea when the saw this beautiful sun outside this morning.

Tonight we are playing Risk and even though I have never played, I'm well decided to win! aahah, I love winning!! People who say they don't really care are just liars.

Thought of the day: why are people so dramatic? Don't we already have our little worries not to on top of them add the ones that we make up? Mhm...


Je vais bien, ne t'en fais pas.

In France we have this expression that basically means : "No news: good news". Well, this is quite relevant for the current situation.
If you where someone asking me: "so, what's up with you, what have you been up to?" Well, I would answer the usual plain boring "Meh, uni and work really, not much!"
So that is what I have been up to intentionally or not.

Work is still very much enjoyable even though the time spent picking up plastic glasses at 3.30am feels a little bit longer every week.

Uni is almost finished, only one conference to organise -Taipei pleeeaase! And also one exam... shoud be fiiine.

Oh I really shouldn't listen to Snow Patrol, this is fucking depressing. But Spotify is running now so fuck it! Snow Patrol it is.

You know when you come to think about relationships, you come to the conclusion that it is actually quite a miracle to manage to find someone that is made to be with you. By that I mean someone that you could have a relationship for at least 3-5 years. That being only a start.
I mean, come one. You first have to find someone that you like. Personality, looks, all that. Then, once you have your eye on someone that pleases both your mind and your eyes, someone who has the same vision of life, someone whose mind can potentially connect to yours... well then the hardest is still to come. Because at this point you still have half the way to go.
You still have to make sure that that same person feels exactly as strong about you as you feel about her... Tricky business... And people get so desperate as well! No wonder! Look, it's even harder than predict the next economic situation we'll be in! All the rest is just science and numbers. Human relationships, friendship, love, all that is the real thing that no formulas or wads of banknotes will ever help achieving.

So good luck folks! And don't be a rat. Or a superrat.