C'est la vie!

Good times, bad times... Most importantly: good times are back!! Ah!

The library is still very much enjoyable. Siren, Corina, and more recently Marie, are entertaining ourselves big time! Well, I have to say that the distraction comes without us asking for it! Gorgeous Germans, weirdly dressed Scottish girls or clueless French people (sorry Siren), they are all here for our pleasure!

I am finally looking like myself again after three days of a skin breakdown. No more impetigo and no more (if I ever had it) scabies! Bliss!

Back to you when things start to fuck with me once again ;) xx


Shit DOES happen!

Today, not only did it rain water. It also rained bad news.

I woke up with my lips the size of the ones generally drawn on a clown. Felt the need to take an appointment with the GP was urgent. 3.50pm today. Result.
Went to uni, tried to hide myself desperately in my HUGE polar neck jumper. Not so successful I guess. Lunch with the girls was pretty good. I then picked up my awesome headband from Sinead. It's sooo cute -rose pale with a BIG bow on top of it. That was basically the highlight of my day.

Then it all went downhill. Got to the doctor's office only to be told that I'm suffering from an impetigo on my lips. No making out in sight for the near future! Ah!
But the worse was only to come up. I might have gotten scabies from my dearest flatmate who had it months ago. Cheers, eh....! I'm not gonna go on about this. I'm just upset.

If you are my friend :don't freak out, delete me from your phonebook or put me in your black list. Give me a couple of days and I'll be clean as a whistle (can I say that?).

Until then, I'm just really upset and down. Fortunately Ezra and the boys are here to cheer me up.
Not only bad shit happens. The good shit is out there too! ;)



Today was such a nice day.

It all started with a bit of studying at Merchiston early-ish-ly. I was quite proud of myself: managed to cover an entire chapter (of an academic book) without switching a computer on, going to Tesco, chatting to random people, convincing myself I had to research some E-journals that I never find anyway, and all other sort of procrastination a sensible human being could think of.
Siren joined me later on and because she's so lovely, the chatting came along too. Nice chat, but bad for productivity. I then decided it was better to just call it a day rather than still pretending to study and then have to feel shit about myself spending hours in the JKCC without getting anything done.
We went back to my sweet apartment (I love mentioning that I have an apartment -which I don't technically have, but that's not the point) and cooked some very simple but tasty food for us two plus some impromptus guests: Karo, Chris and sine others even more impromptus! It was lovely.
As planned earlier on, we headed to the pub and watched the game. Ok, I'm gonna make this quick and as painless as possible. France won. Yay.

As the sunlight started to fade, a cosy time was needed. Karo's apartment (yes, I have friends who also have apartments. I select my friends carefully you see) is alsways the good place to go when you need cosy time. It's warm, it's friendly and there's good food served. We made this mouth watering salad with a bit of barley touch this time. Lovely! Sinead made some home made potato wedges. Un delice!
After such a nice meal, the word “movie” just pops up in your mind and you just have to fulfill your desire. So, after one or two updates on Karo's blog reading (always very entertaining these Swedish people!), we made up our minds on tonight's movie. And this is how endend this beautiful day -by watching The Notebook.

Now. I'm about to say some pretty deep (or maybe not) stuff, but please bear with me and try to configure your mind as if you too had just finished this oh so fantastic movie, as if you had been crying like a baby, as if you too have life in which you know there's very few chances for you to experience such great love.

From this day on, I think I'm just gonna stop lying to the random question, "and you, do you have a boyfriend?". Obviously, I don't lie to that. I say I don't have one at the moment, which is the plain truth. But why the hell do I feel the need to justify myself and say "... to be honest, I'm not really looking for one at all right now. I'm good as I am. When I hear some of my friends who have boyfriends, I'm sometimes glad I'm so free and am not involved with anybody". Bullshit!
Everybody knows that most girls who say that would actually give a lot to give up the good sides of being single in exchange of all the drama a relationship can cause! And you know why that is? It's just because human beings are made to go by pairs at some point of their life! It’s everybody’s destiny. And until you have found the other person who's gonna make you truly happy and love you like you deserve to be loved, well... you're just gonna (secretly) keep looking! Simple as.
So no, I'm not glad I'm single. It's not a huge relief. I don't think "oh my! I'm so glad I'm single, I can do whatever I want!" At the same time I'm not unhappy either. What I'm saying is -if the opportunity comes along, of course I'll take the bloody risk to go through a wee bit of drama. Just because it has to be fucking worth it!!


Valentine's day!

Tonight the only thing I really feel the need to discuss is my excitement for Vampire Weekend playing at work on Valentine's Day! How awesome!! I cannot wait!

That was it.

What? You didn't get the point of this article?? Let me re-phrase...

I love Vampire Weekend!!

There. Got it?


Jag gillar...

And here is the one that I forgot to mention: Lykke li!

I guess that spending a few nights at Karo's surrounded by swedish duuudes didn't help! So tusen tack my sweet possum!!

Ok, down to business. Lykke Li. She's brilliant. Love her voice, the beats, the lyrics. Check her out! ;)

Go Sverige!