Hey, it's been a while. I bet you lost hope! But no. Here I am again. I think I have something worth sharing.
A beautiful person keeps telling me to paint more and more, let my thoughts and imagination take over and observe whatever shit spreads over my canvas.
So I'm just about to go for it. I have this huge canvas that's been waiting forever. It looks beautiful as it is but everybody knows a white and untouched canvas is just slightly boring. Gonna turn the heating on, put on warm socks, put all my material in front of me, make sure I have my fleece on (yes, fleece) and put some Mercury Rev because that's how I like it. I will then release all my energies, make them travel through my hands and hopefully something will come out.
I'd rather the result looks beautiful but if it doesn't, at least I'll be proud to have tackled my fear. Should I also precise that I will have no material to copy from whatsoever? Nope. Just me and my fucked up self.

That's how we like it.