Music is the word!

I feel it's about time I share a bit more of what's a big part of my life -Music!
Here are a few of the many things that are buzzing in my beautiful heaphones!

  • Florence and the Machine -Lungs. Now that has to be the best album made in a looong time! It's just simply wonderful from A to Z. Powerful drums, catchy melodies, ballads and very important- good lyrics. It's just a bijoux of 2009. If you haven't listened to it then 1. Shame on you and 2. Log on to your Spotify, now! Oh! Also, I'm seeing her in May and I'm extremely excited!!!!! Good times!

  • Vampire Weekend -Vampire Weekend and Contra. Both albums are mint. Contra is a very nice suprise. Some bands tend to rest on their laurels after a very successful debut album. Well, they didn't! I strongly advice you educate yourself with the first one if you haven't heard it yet and for the ones already fans, you know the place to be ;)

  • Britney Spears -The singles collection. Yeah, Britney is still going strong. Listening to pop music is my new favourite past-time, so i'd rather listening to good old one.

  • Artic Monkeys -Humbug. Good album, even though the past one is better to my taste. Nothing can ever remplace the beat of "Old yellow bricks". Still have to admit that "Cornerstone" is my latest favourite (not too sure about the video). NB. Alex Turner's hair is fiiinnnee!!

  • Empire of the Sun -Walking on a dream. Bit too MGMT alike, bit too acid inspired, bit gay?, yet awesome!

  • It was only after going deeply through my old Itunes that I realized how much I loved The Enemy's album -We'll live and die in these towns. Tunes!

... Plus many, many others! New stuff is good but I do very much enjoy listening to stuff I used to play over and over and being reminded of the (good?) old days.


Cats, love stories, etc...

So, Breakfast at Tiphany's is playing at the Cameo on Valentine's day! How genius is that? Looks like Marte, Kristina and I have a triple date with Audrey and Cat!

Also, I am ready to drop a few tears during the last scene... Such a classic!

Cat's own page on IMdb (yes! Cat is my hero!)

Coffee anyone?

Two days ago, I met up with Pierre and dragged myself to Leith! -I never go to Leith.
The main reason was that I wanted to try this cosy place -The Roseleaf Cafe. Quirky, welcoming, retro and delicious!! Go there! NOW!


Gossip state of mind

Gossip is one fucked up activity! I'm telling you!
It's one of the many addictive things that feel good at the time but then you just want to eat your fingers out because you just regret it so much!! Boo! Can you not just try and be boring, people!?


New start

It's January and before even thinking of what's gonna happen now, I can't stop but seeing all that happened so far. Like a giant slide show of all the last years' good moments. I've met awesome people like never before, travelled to wonderful places and fulfilled a few of my dreams. Such an overwhelming feeling!

There's still so much to come though!
A few days ago the girls and I came back from our road trip... A bit shorter than expected but nevertheless awesome. We had such a laugh all the way! Gosh! We were the five of us squeezed up in the car (some more than others) and couldn't stop laughing at so many silly jokes -whether they were understood or not... ahem. We also sang along good tunes and as far as I'm concerned, we owe one to Adam who's the best CD mixer of all time! I'm waiting on my mix from him as I am writing this.
Reaching the Orkneys was so rewarding because of the struggle we went through up North. The roads were so icy and snowy that we did feel for our lives a couple of times. But Karolina was here to co-pilot. "Go for it, go for it!!!!!!!!" "No, not that fast" "NOW, take some speed!!" "Go for it!!"
The hostel was modern, clean and cheap. I hear you say -ah! perfect then! Well it was cold as fuck! So no it's wasn't perfect. But we were on our own so we just made ourselves home pretty quickly.
The other place we made ourselves very comfortable in was the "local" pub. I don't think any words put together can summarize correctly our night there. There was some pool playing, some local Orkney boys -Stephen and David I believe-, a very friendly bartender, awesome birthday glasses that probably served a few Vikings back in the day, a nap, half a dozen of nipples showed, tears, hugs, and of course loads of alcohol!
I probably shouldn't talk about how after getting so ready for the boat to the Shetlands we were announced that it was stuck in Aberdeen, and how we then were too tired to order-a-second-drink-at-the-pub-so-we-could-drown-our-sorrow-into-the-alcohol. Bahh... never mind!
But now it's on to a next adventure: second semester of uni ...don't know if I will enjoy this one as much as the previous one. Will keep you posted ;)



New Year

So here comes the very unoriginal and very expected post about New Year.
Last night didn't see anything to be ashamed of occur. Result! It was pretty civilised, not so crowded to say the least, and a bit cheesy... there had to be some Bridget Jones in the air...!

I've decided not to decide on any New Year's resolutions. After all I've been good. I don't smoke, I do drink but it seems to become a bit rare these days, therefore I am definitely NOT going to give up or even reduce my consumption of alcohol. As for the gym... I am planning on going more often but it inevitably involves my gym buddy Christina, so let's agree later on a kind of serious pact to actually GO! (...more serious than last semester's one)

I have to say I never got any texts wishing me "Happy New Year". This is something I should certainly not admit but being positive that I DO have friends -and awesome ones, I just came to the conclusion that they are all either ungrateful. Or creditless. Or bastards. Or were drunk. Let's go for the 2nd or last option.
I didn't send anything myself anyway!!

I'm making up for it now: Happy New Year everyone!!!! I wish you all a beautiful year of 2010 but mostly loads of LOVE!!!! Yes, yes, I also believe that is all we need!