Ah, wait... I have something lame to say:

This being said, I AM BLOODY HAPPY.

Catch up

Hello. It's been a wee while since I have written. Things have been going pretty sweetly. I mean, yes, they have. But, there's a but: I realised something. Whatever the situation you're in: good or bad, you always find yourself problem to worry about. Sometimes you do have worries and that's just the way it is. And some other times all is beautiful, you get what you were hoping for and then you just make up your own worries. Just because people do love feeling miserable somehow. People love moaning and getting this warmth in their tummy, synonym of stress and impatience. And by people I -of course-also mean myself. Actually, I'm probably top of the list.


Le passe muraille- Marcel Aymé

This is a book that I studied when I was in secondary school. I really liked it and yesterday I found the translation on internet. They also made a movie out of it with these really good french actors. If you have an hour to spare (it's a short novel), read it, it's a french classic! :)


Alternativelty, you can of course try yourself and read the original version:



I'm sitting at work right now. Not too long until my break finishes. Just a wee update on future exciting plans!
Tonight I'm meeting Christina and we are going to the The Switch at the cinema. We haven't been hanging out for such a long time and it's going to be nice to see each other again and talk like we used to.
Tomorrow night it's a big night for Karo as she is celebrating her big master dissertation hand-in. THE BEAST! Good night ahead! Karo is gonna go all the wayy to make up for the last months of isolation.
Finally, Saturday is the "big ass reunion party". Time to see Annika, and Kris again! Ahhh this is gonna be so good!
Sunday: I'll do nothing. Yasss!
This time, no work during the week end and I'm certainly gonna enjoy my free time to it's full potential!

Good times!