Fuck this shit.

Things are going nowhere. Seems like this blog is only here to take on all the shit that goes through my mind.


Feeling good today. Yes. Yes. Yes. Nothing will change my mind about that.




I could just fill up the rest of this blog with quotes from "L'amour dure trois ans" ou bien "L'egoiste romantique". Just because there's so much truth in these books. Little sentences that mean a lot and also, so much to relate to.
I've recently rediscovered how to read his books. Just by opening them at any page and stumble upon a paragraph that catches my eye.

I have also painted some more. And for the last one I let a little bit of my unfortunately very limited imagination take place. Not too sure how much I've actually managed to create, but at least I let myself go a little, and that felt much more rewarding than anything I could have copied from A to Z.

Also, it is sunday. Yes, it is. Surely no one can disagree on the fact that Sundays are just an absolute waste of time and negative energy, and most importantly, a huge waste of overwhelming thoughts.
So fuck off Sundays. This one and all the next ones. And the past ones too. God knows they've been a source of disturbance for the peaceful minds.

And actually, yeah, I think we all have to admit that Sundays are part of the endless list of all things overrated.


Byyyyye. I'm on standby.