Shit DOES happen!

Today, not only did it rain water. It also rained bad news.

I woke up with my lips the size of the ones generally drawn on a clown. Felt the need to take an appointment with the GP was urgent. 3.50pm today. Result.
Went to uni, tried to hide myself desperately in my HUGE polar neck jumper. Not so successful I guess. Lunch with the girls was pretty good. I then picked up my awesome headband from Sinead. It's sooo cute -rose pale with a BIG bow on top of it. That was basically the highlight of my day.

Then it all went downhill. Got to the doctor's office only to be told that I'm suffering from an impetigo on my lips. No making out in sight for the near future! Ah!
But the worse was only to come up. I might have gotten scabies from my dearest flatmate who had it months ago. Cheers, eh....! I'm not gonna go on about this. I'm just upset.

If you are my friend :don't freak out, delete me from your phonebook or put me in your black list. Give me a couple of days and I'll be clean as a whistle (can I say that?).

Until then, I'm just really upset and down. Fortunately Ezra and the boys are here to cheer me up.
Not only bad shit happens. The good shit is out there too! ;)

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