Here is a website my dear Constanze passed me: http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/

How it works: you just enter or browse for your makeup/cosmetics and see how chemical and bad they are compared to others.
Ok, so it is all very dramatic and if you keep reading this stuff you will probably think that you'll be diagnosed with lung cancer within the next year!

But seriously. I do believe there's a bit of a problem right now. I'm just so angry at what every individual should do to look after his own health, other's health, our planet's, our animal's, and SO ON!

  • Deodorant stop you sweat flow, therefore hold in the toxines, therefore makes you have cancer. Congrats!

  • People are obese and there's too much CO2 emitted right now. So why do people keep taking their fucking car??? Wouldn't it be so much simpler to just take the bus or walk when possible? And no, living in the middle of nowhere is not a good excuse... Most people don't.

  • Candles in your room release petrol right under your nose. Talking about CO2 emissions...

  • Milk comes from cows with wounds on their tits (or whatever the right word for it is...) Still the government doesn't care and encourages us to drink more and more milk so they can make more money. Milk is not essential for anybody older than 12 years old!! But since people get told to drink milk, well... the demand for it increases and more milk needs to be produces. And cows tits get fucked up.

  • Tuna is going instinct. Yes it is! So you don't care and still eat it because it's cheaper than Salmon or just because it tastes good. Think people!

  • Water is precious. If you know me well enough. Or even just a little bit, you'll know how sensitive I am when it comes to water. Don't brush your teeth with the running water! Don't serve yourself a glass of water, and let the flow run until it's cold enough! Just drink the bloody tepid water!

  • It's the 10th of March and there's freaking SNOW in the north of Spain. Spain people! Wow. Magic, uh?

  • Why go to an impersonal big supermarkets if you can go to the veg shop. And no, it doesn't cost more. The only thing that costs more is willpower.

Oh I could just go on forever...! Just read this, think about it for 3 minutes and wonder what we are doing wrong. I'm gonna tell you. Most of it comes from people obsession for money. Just think about it, it actually make sense. We destroy everything around just so that we can make more profit. Animal consumption, petrol sources, water, making people believe they need to use some product they don't need to... And it goes on and on and on...

For a nice finishing touch, give me the pleasure of watching this video:


  1. Lovely reading your blog!
    i prepared well today for my blog reading session.
    I lit all my candles, turned all the lights on, had the water on running so the atmosphere was perfect. Then I served my yummy chicken breast (asda chicken of course) with a pint glass of milk. YUM!
    What's that lovely smell? oh it's my looovely deodorant.
    That's all for me now. Over and out.

  2. ...Media does´nt tell us what to think. But they surely tell us what to think about. These are good examples of that.

    You were right! It is not a good idea to see this "documentary" before lunch. Awful to see how the animals are being treated.

    But as a realist would say: There is not only one truth.

  3. Images do talk, tho...

    I believe it's not that bad everywere but it's certainly easy for people who work in such places to let themsleves go and treat animals like that behind closed doors...