Bonjour bonjour les hirondelles!

Today, under the shower, I caught myself thinking of how nice it would be just for one minute, to be in a hot country. Cold showers, smooth skin, wavy hair, the sent of monoi, mhhmm... nice!
But I am in Edinburgh and it still suits me perfect. No tan, no warm evenings at a restaurant terrace, but still I have a feeling that this summer will be a good one.
With the world cup omnipresent, we are spending at least six days a week at the Cuckoo's nest. And when it's not to watch a game and have a nice meal, it's just to enjoy one last drink at the end of a long night out. No excuse is a bad one to go to the Nest.

This morning I watched Sex and the city, because nobody will come and see it with me anyway... I missed my turn while in France! After a pretty average movie, I decided to clean my room. A good 15 mn with the hoover in hand and half a ton of wrinkly clothes later, I was a happy bunny: my room is now fresh and clean. And it's in these kind of moments that I feel like re-decorating it a little by adding some cosiness to it. For my next change, I'm thinking bookshelf slash dressing table slash exhibition centre. Maybe if I show you what I mean, you'll understand...

So, what do you think?

I'm definitely plan to make a trip to IKEA next week and see what I can find.

I also desperately need to go to the Optician to get a new pair of glasses. Mines are getting a little bit too old, to pink and too unbearable!!!
So here's what I might go for in no particular order... :

Ok, time to get ready if I don't want to be late!!! xx

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