Hard to explain

All of us. We are all so different but all the same at the same time. I cannot imagine that the ones that pretend to be happy all the time really are. Same as I don't find the tortured ones credible enough to feel for them.
I believe that we are all different, complicated individuals, only showing the tip of our own iceberg. There's so much more to someone that what they want to show. You think you know someone and then something happens one day and you just realize that there's still a long way to go to fully understand what this person really is about.

But it's good to just leave a bit of mystery in the whole process of getting to know each other. How extremely boring would that be if it only took like a few months to fully get to know someone.

... Feel the happiness, the sadness.
Just know.
Straight away.
No words.

Just a look and all is said...

Not happening.

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