Why did you come here? Why do I need to write? Why do people expose their lives on internet? Why are people interested in others' lives? Are people bored? Why do some people need to talk? How do some others manage to keep it inside? How do you feel right now? Is this situation ever gonna change? Is everything writen? Until which extend are we all different? Why are all the best things the worse for you? Why -if we keep looking for happiness- do we still go towards what's not the best for us? And if you know what's good for you, why can't you find it? Is it hidden? Do we even need to think about all this? Shall we question it? Why do some persons have answers and some don't? How come I still have so much time to accomplish all the things I aspire to do, but still feel it's getting late? Are you still reading? Why can't we be honest with each others? Why some people have more feelings than others? Why some are more cold hearted? Why are some others warmer in their little heart? Why are some of us just indifferent? How can you be indifferent? How do you take distance? How do you pretend not to care? Are we all looking for the same thing? Is there anything to be ashamed of? How do we get along? What makes you happy? When you find something that makes you happy, can you just do it all over again and again? Or does the happiness just fade away? Do you then have to look for something else? Why are we so changing but still the same? Why do we get together? Are we happier together? What do you do if you can't find what you're looking for? Why are we so afraid of what others think? Does it matter? Do they have the right to decide for you? Why are we influenced? Why does it really matter? Does it? Can we help caring about it? Why can't we be blatantly honest with each other? Can we? Please?

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