Amour maternel

Today I got the nicest surprise in the post. My mum posted me a parcel. I quickly got very excited about what was inside but the outside was already enough to make me happy. It was wrapped into a baby pink paper with handwriten sweet words on it. And I found inside:
  • A silver keyring with stone beads
  • A colourfulmetal bracelet made out of crushed cans or something... crafty mummy!
  • A necklace made out of big wooden beads. Not sure I'll ever wear it unless African fashion comes back!
  • A BIG ring with a turquoise stone
  • Pyrennees soap for my fragile skin
  • Some very unexpected money
  • A collage with a big red heart on it
  • And finally the sweetest and most loving letter of them all.
Big surge of love and tenderness for my mum right now. The one and only. I miss her.

(just you watch after the first 50 seconds..)

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