Good evening to you my sweet babycakes :)

I hope you're good tonight because as far as I'm concerned I'm quite well. Listening to some sweet music, singing along, organizing the exciting upcoming weeks with my best friend Agenda. This one never lets me down. Never changes its mind and always stick to the plan. Like that.

I'm feeling positive just because as time goes by I tend to develop the ability of accepting the way things are. Just because it's the only way to go forward. Instead of hoping for more than what you're given, just appreciate the moment right now. Easier said than done. Ah well...
The past moments should never affect too much your present mood. The past should stay behind and we should always look up to new perspectives. Realistic ones that is. I sound so wise on paper...!

I caught myself listening to some good old school music: Martha Reeves, Budy Holy, Four tops, The Temptations, Frankie Avalon. Good stuff. It definitely helps putting me in a good mood. And that's a winner because despite of my cheerful attitude I'm someone who always tend to look on the dark side when on my own. Always chewing up every situation, analysing, wondering, questionning, "what if"-ing, pondering, blues-ing, blablabla...
I wish they invented a robot that would never ask questions and was just there to answer yours. A being who would never get tired of all your questions, wouldn't mind answering the same 10 times in a row, same questions, same answers only said in a different way. A being who wouldn't judge, let you do mistakes but stops you before you're about to make a HUGE one. Someone who also wouldn't get tired of you speaking about the same odd thing (person) all over and over and over again. Talking about every aspects of this person, every single moments. The most open and honest conversation.


  1. Shut up Rellis! It's not that way that baby Jesus will help you...

  2. What a nice post, so positive :) Me likes positive Camille <3

  3. how did you know it was meee??? ;)