I have known worse times, really. Although uni seems to be more a pain than an enjoyment this year compared to what it used to be, I really have other things to put a smile on my face.

I will be starting a placement in March. Split placement that is. Because why do simple when you can do things in a complicated way? So I'm currently looking at awesome places that would see in me all the good things I can bring them! I sent a few emails around and will hopefully get positive returns. It's all about showing how motivated you are and I think I've done it pretty well.

Other than that, I have now turned brunette again. Because I felt like going back to what I was before, i.e. not blond. It's winter soon, my hair was damaged and I've been thinking about it for about a year on and off so I thought "What the hell?", let's do it!
So I did. And I like it. I feel like for the first few days I can misbehave a little bit and if I get into trouble, nobody will recognize me anyway!

Meeting Christina tonight for a drink in my old hood: the West End. Yes, that's right. I don't miss it but it's nice to be back sometimes. It feels like going back to the neighbourhood where you grew up. Except I didn't grow up there, I just lived there during the two first year of my life in Edinburgh. So yes, it does mean a lot.

I'll say "laters" with this beautiful song by Grandaddy. I don't know in what kind of cave I have been living during all these years, but everyday I discover amazing bands that I had never been bothered to listen to. And for that, shame on me.


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