Nothing new

So, ok, it's 2011. However, I have some big news for you: nothing has changed! Everything is still the same, the world hasn't changed, and everybody's little lives are... well what they were before. Crap or good? You tell me. Oh no, I'll tell you first.

My hands hurt and will be falling off anytime soon. Nothing new about that.
I find it hard to sleep and focus these days.
I feel too much and I'm as confused as never before. That'll always be my weakness.
I'm still bloody impatient.
Oh, but the worst and the crappiest? I over-analyse. Damn!
I get pissed off at retards. Why are there so many??
My hands. Again. Why would the clinic not answer?! What if they were literally falling off?

I still have a bunch of pretty fucking awesome friends.
I keep on discovering pretty fucking awesome music everyday and that makes me feel VERY good.
I trick myself to feel better. So yeah, I'm good at tricking my mind and good for me!
I've come to learn how to care less and enjoy more.
I create more.
I have exciting projects to look forward to.
I have exciting GIGS to look forward to!
I'm getting fitter. Not fit :)

Mhmm... that was a lot of me, me, me. But then again, hardly anyone reads this, so who cares!

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  1. Despite of all the crap mentioned here, 2011 is going to be ace... no?

    We've got the Shetlands!!! And the summer in Edinburgh and we'll both be here! And we've got... well, more road trips to plan?