Jeg ikke elsker deg

I find it always more fun to talk about things I don't like. Agreeing is boooring. Disagreeing on the other hand opens the dialogue.
So here are a few things I do not approve of:

  • The Bodyshop - this thing I have got against The Body shop, I was born with it. My dislike has absolutely NOTHING to do with the testings on animals (I didn't even know they used to!) I just don't like this shop.

  • Guys who carry their life in the back pocket of their jeans i.e : wallet, keys, phone, bottle of water, and so on.

  • Guys who have a man purse. Oh, I see you coming... "So how are we supposed to do without putting stuff in our jeans' pockets and without a purse?" Well, you figure it out!!!

  • People who get excited about Christmas before it is Christmas. Christmas should only be talked about from the 15th of December I reckon.

  • The Eurovision. Actually, I maybe should have placed that first. It is a disgrace. No more space to be wasted on this subject. Moving on...

  • People (girls and boys) who pose in pictures with a gesture that connotes oral sex. Go shag someone, stop sticking your tongue in between your two fingers.

  • Guys who wear sweatpants 7 days a week, 365 days a week. Does Levis Strauss ring a bell?

  • People who play music out loud on their phone.

  • Girls who wear heels on a Sunday.

  • Lady GaGa.

That was the top ten.


  1. No heels on a sunday?? You are nuts!

  2. I agree with you about Bodyshop! I got a christmas voucher for there a few years ago and it took me six months to spend it because I didn't want to go in. The problem is that they hassle you so much! I was in there for five minutes and had three different sales assistants come up to me. And they don't just say 'Can I help you?' so you can say no and then go away. They say 'Try this amazing new hand cream, blah blah blah' Grrr! I'm with you there! :-)