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These last couple of days have been rather boring. Lying in bed with a flu is not what I would call a very entertaining experience.

I used to think you could never get bored with a laptop between your hands. Its seems like I was wrong. When you run out of notifications on Facebook, your friends are gone to work/uni/the pub, you have no one to chat to anymore. So then comes the wise idea of downloading some movies, ey?! Well, I did.

Here is the best and the worst of my movie marathon:

I started with "Coco before Chanel" which I had been wanting to see for ages. It was as good as expected. Audrey Tautou is great and Alessandro Nivola is almost as good looking as the french guy in the library so just to check how that is possible, watch it! ;)

Being sick is always a good occasion for watching classic movies everybody has already seen apart from you. So good old "Lost in Translation" seemed like a good choice. Can't decide if it's good or bad. I absolutely adore Scarlett Johansson so an hour and a half was never enough. Oh, and you don't need my opinion on this one because: A. You already have one, since you have seen it and B. If I were not to like it I would be thrown tomatoes at so... let's not even go there.

You know how "3" is not such a good number? Well, the third movie was... shite. "Love happens". I should have known just by the title...

I had to recover from the previous most useless hour and a half wasted on a movie. Oh no, wait. "Away we go" a few weeks ago was probably the most useless. Anywho, Bridget saved me once again! Daniel Clever maybe more than Bridget actually. But never mind. My point is: nothing beats a good old "Bridget Jones' Diary".

Rom com was the spirit so I went looking for the ones that scored the best in the box office lately. "The ugly truth" was in it. Nice movie people!

I was still nostalgic of Bridget so Renée saved me. AGAIN! "New in town" was funny and entertaining. Nice movie (again I wouldn't say good).

I think I've had enough movies for two days. So today I'll try show my Raccoony nose to the outside world.

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  1. Haha, I have a similar blog post to this one about all the movies and books I read when I got the flu. Not fun! Hope you're feeling better!