New Year

So here comes the very unoriginal and very expected post about New Year.
Last night didn't see anything to be ashamed of occur. Result! It was pretty civilised, not so crowded to say the least, and a bit cheesy... there had to be some Bridget Jones in the air...!

I've decided not to decide on any New Year's resolutions. After all I've been good. I don't smoke, I do drink but it seems to become a bit rare these days, therefore I am definitely NOT going to give up or even reduce my consumption of alcohol. As for the gym... I am planning on going more often but it inevitably involves my gym buddy Christina, so let's agree later on a kind of serious pact to actually GO! (...more serious than last semester's one)

I have to say I never got any texts wishing me "Happy New Year". This is something I should certainly not admit but being positive that I DO have friends -and awesome ones, I just came to the conclusion that they are all either ungrateful. Or creditless. Or bastards. Or were drunk. Let's go for the 2nd or last option.
I didn't send anything myself anyway!!

I'm making up for it now: Happy New Year everyone!!!! I wish you all a beautiful year of 2010 but mostly loads of LOVE!!!! Yes, yes, I also believe that is all we need!


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