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I should really be writting my blog right now. Not this one, my spanish one.
No, I'm not bragging about having a spanish blog, or speaking spanish like a goddess. I'm just moaning about procrastinating. We have to write a blog about a spanish film... Still more entertaining than having to write an essay :) Especially having chosen Vicky Cristina Barcelona... Scarlett Johansson is everything but boring. Or unattractive!

In a few minutes I'll be on my way to the cinema to see I love you Phillip Morris. Should be pretty funny! If not I'll be gutted I've wasted one on the few moments of free time I have to see a shitty movie...
What wasn't a bad movie at all was award winner Crazy Heart! Jeff Bridges is so good in it. So is Jake G's sister :) The three of us (Karo, Marte, and Me) cried and thought it was such a good film! Go see it if you haven't already.

Ok, just came back from Phillip Morris... I know that was quick. It was good, a little bit funny, but not that funny. If you don't see it, then don't consider that you have missed something.

Alright sweet readers -whoever you are... probably not that many! Also, you might have even been to the cine with me tonight, in which case reading this article was absolutely useless... But are my articles usually useful anyway? ANYWAY... let's not take it too far.

I'm gonna go to bed, watch Gossip Girl that I have somehow forgotten to watch yesterday (Uh?), and hopefully have sweet dreams about my potential soulmate that I still haven't properly met.

Night Night xx

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