Oh non!

Like every year (month?) I get itchy feet.

I want to travel far far away. Get a tan, discover new cities, meet new people, get another part time job. All that kind of stuff.

Fortunately enough I'm going to Germany soon for an amazing Festival experience: Hurricane! Check out this amazing line up!!! That's a concentrate of fun!
I'll also stay in Edinburgh this summer and re-experience the buzz of the Festival! Whoop!

It's fifteen to nine, we are Thursday, it's therefore my absolute working night.
The Picture House. That's the place I dedicate all my Thursdays and other various nights of the week to. Clubs nights are busy, drunky, messy... sexy? Nah! Everything BUT sexy! Ugly bum cheeks are not sexy. Ugly bum cheeks out of your bedroom and in presence of someone else than your boyfriend are certainly not a good option. Keep 'em hidden girls!
Ok I've just tried and looked for pictures on Google to illustrate what I'm talking about here. Didn't find much with the entry "girls butt cheeks too short skirts". But as soon as I added "British" in front of it all... BAM! Here they were!
For the sake of my blog's prettiness, I just won't publish any of these. You're old enough to look for yourself...

On this joyous note, also very chic, I'll wish you a good night :) Don't be too crazy...


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