Innocent Fun

I just love these week ends where don't have to work, not even slightly! It really enables me to make an ass of myself, do stupid things with people making an ass of themselves, get covered in chocolate, y'know these kinda things!

Friday night we therefore went to Marc's leaving due for some innocent fun.

Yesterday however, I almost died. YES yes I did! I woke up and I felt Death coming to get me. It was sending needles into my head, little balls of sickness into my stomach and really bad vibes to my brain. I contemplated suicide for a long while in my bed, several times in the streets while crossing the road, but then I got asked to go have lunch at The Storytelling Cafe. I made a choice. And since I'm still here to write, you'll easily guess what it was.

We had an amazing lunch with Marte and Karo. Smoked Salmon!!! Oh Bliss! If there's ONE thing I love more than anything when it comes to food it's smoked salmon! It's a gift of god and I want to have a salmon pet, feed it and EAT IT!
So the lunch cheered me up...for like 10 minutes. After my last bite, I went back to my awaken coma: put my Sunglasses back on and just sat there.

So my cure for a big ass hangover is:
  • Water
  • Sunglasses... actually this comes first
  • Ibuprofen -2 tablets
  • Orange juivce -loads
  • Friends -they do help a bit you know...
  • More orange juice
  • Smoked salmon -basically you just need lovely food, but salmon with give you strength AND cheer you up all at once.
  • A little bit more orange juice

This sunday morning my head hurts a little. I religiously avoided alcohol yesterday. The reason being that I only sobered up by 12... So deciding that the concept of "recovery hangover beer" was uter bullshit, I just sticked to Orange juice.
Today I am planning on staying home for most of it. Cleaning is the word. Fresh bedsheets will be the highlight of my day. But for that I need to wait til tonight. Before that I'll listen to some big fat chart tunes. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé, ahem... I really shouldn't write that... It's just so motivational! You need some motivational music to clean! Don't ya?

Maybe you'll get hooked too?

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