One rooster, two possums, many raccoons. Some pumpkins on the road.

To quote the rooster: "I'm back in business!"

I have to say it feels great!
I put my life on "hold" for the last ten days. Reason: the wee piggy's visit. That was lovely and the timing was perfect.

It is now time to be back to the library baby! How much do I love this place!!!??
So much drama happens in there everyday, it's not even funny anymore! It's delightful!!!

In the Craiglockhart library there is:

  • A scottish guy who doesn't know how lucky he was to have a foursome with three gorgeous girls... even if it was just in a dream.

  • A german guy who resisted to some heavy eyeing-flirting and then disapeared due to a probably very jealous girlfriend.

  • A french guy that has a very ugly furry jacket but that doesn't stop some from fancying him. Yeah, yeah she does fancy him even though he is French... don't ask.

  • A few gays that don't know what they would give up to turn straight! If only they knew!

  • A brave guy who declared himself but got nothing in return.

  • Some meaningless reports on the go.

"The library is our oyster, which we with sword will open.''

Shakespeare, The Merry Wives of Windsor.

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