Shit happens but there's hope!

Hello moussaillons!

Today didn't start that well. And with my anger came the feeling to write here. For me, for you, for whoever gives a flying fuck!

So, my dear contagious friend has taken over my immune system again. Not looking very bad yet but I've taken an appointement this morning so it should be fixed in a matter of... hours? :) Let's hope for the best!

Today plans are therefore delayed but certainly not cancelled! I am still heading to the library -as I always love to! Meeting my sweet Siren and whoever cares to join :)

Yesterday night was Adam's Birthday. We first went to his flat where... people were having a good time... with their good italian friend Amaretto. Adam had all his Mancunian friends over. They certainly did contribute to the friendly atmosphere. There were also the usual bunch of journos plus some that I had also never met. They must have been hiding in the Merchiston lab or something! Ah!

Ok, now this is not related to any of the above, but how good do clean bedsheets feel?! It's just heaven! Bed is already like entering a soft new world but clean bedsheets... ooohhh! Understated!!!!!

Wonder what just happened? Oh, sorry the flowers on my soft pillow were calling me!

tschüss! xxx

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