Hey Hey!

Today I got up pretty early as I always do these days! Even the rooster was impressed.
I put up my sunday hoodie, red converses, big headphones and proudly headed to Merchiston. If you ask me, there's nothing better than walking on a sunny sunday morning alone in the street. Small pleasures of life... ah!

At around 11am, Karolina convinced our dear Brian to take her to Dumbar where she's carrying out some studies for her Interior Architecture Master. Because I hardly ever say no to some kind of day trip slash comfy car slash cosy lunch slash countryside slash laughs along the way, well... I accepted to tag along!
Such a nice afternoon. Dumbar was very nice and I just love to look at buildings from a different eye when I'm with an expert. ;)
I also saw my mystical island on the way which I still don't know the name. I'll find it somwtimes soon and tell you all about it!

When I got back from our little adventure, I really wasn't in the mood for any sort of studying. Home was the spirit! So home I went.

The day ended with Marie and some vegie Tacos + Sherlock Holmes. Marie slept during most of the movie though! But the food was pretty enjoyable even though Mexican food is certainly not my area of expertise. Scandinavians for some reason, seem to know hell of a lot about it! In France, I have to say: we eat deliciously traditional food! Nothing wrong with that I believe.

Tomorrow a brand new week is starting! I still have this essay on the go, so I'm afraid I'll have to spend a few more hours in the library! Oh no, what a real shame it is! :)

Sweet dreams my friends!


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