You know when you have a recurrent headache because you just feel that your thoughts are going too quick? Everything is so messy inside but still, it's quite a nice feeling to know that you're being mentally productive...

There's this exam that I will be doing tomorrow morning. I don't think it's a really hard exam, but it's just there -on the way.
The thought of starting a new job is also quite a major one. I'm very excited to experience a new working environment. No drunk people, grannies who complain about how their scones are baked or workingmen who want their daily morning bacon roll. Something entirely new to me! And boy that's exciting!

I am also looking forward to go back to France and see my sweet and loving family. And the one or two friends I have left there too. Yeah that's right...

The disappointment of the summer is not to go to Hurricane in June. I will be missing The Strokes. Just having to type that and knowing it's actually not happening is bringing back this lump in my throat. The Stroooookes!!! I always go on about how much I want to see them. Until now people were taking the piss saying that were are over. And now -the moment when they are finally coming back on the music scene I won't be there with all the clever bastards watching. Anyway, the one reason because of which I am choosing to miss that is precisely not to miss something else. So fuck it. The Strokes are not going anywhere -a job offer is.

Random topic of the week: paper cuts. Think about how often you think about them. Not so often I assume.

Check out how cute Albert is on the side... dunno what Agyness was thinking went she let him go!

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