Hello Hello Hello.

This week has been a nice one. Starting my new job, meeting new persons -which is always interesting- and yeah that's pretty much it! It feels so nice everyday to come back home, take a few minutes to lay on the bed and let my thoughts go freee!! An explosion of all the thoughts that I'm preventing myself to think about during the day for obvious reasons.

We are sunday and this afternoon I'm going to see Pascaline do do this promised photoshoot. Pascaline is studying photography and she needs one more face for her exhibit. I'm looking forward to do that. First times are always so exciting, aren't they? In life you always get to do pretty much the same things over and over: wake up in the morning, loo, bathroom, breakfast, makeup, clothes, blablabla... It's boooring! So when you get the chance to randomly experience something new, I find it quite exciting :)

Oh there's a few things I discovered about myself after these few years of daily connection on F. :
  • I really avoid saying "the three words" unless I really have to. I just don't like it. Most of the time people write them, they don't even think about what they are writing -or saying. I mean, the number of persons you actually love could probably be counted on your ten fingers. So yeah, no more ILU from me.

  • I truly don't understand people who take webcam photos of themselves. I did it once, posted the photo on F. and I have agreed with myself that I look like a creep on this one.

  • It did change a little bit of my life, but I try not to think about it because, well it's here and the website is not gonna go anywhere, but also because I tend to think that if it didn't exist there would be some times where I wouldn't have been so upset or so unhealthy-ly curious. I dunno, I just hope that there won't be another one of these invented in the next 20 years that will suck out our material social life even more. That would be scary.
Enough about that, I'm bored of myself already!! ahaha, are you still here?
Wednesday I'm going to see Florence and her sexy machine!!! Whoohoo! I'm quite excited! This being said, I do have to hold my horses because my love story with Florence is now a little bit over. I loooved her almost a year ago. I loved her so much that I almost got sick of her music. That's a bad think to say but it is certainly true. Regardless of that, I will of course enjoy this gig very much, but it's just a shame that managers wait so long to organize a tour so it will make most of the profits...

Anywhoo, enjoy your sunday whatever you're doing! I am off to contemplate my clean and spring flower smelling room. Isn't spring great?

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