Grow up!

I'm going through a little bit of a crisis at the moment... "A teenage crisis" as we say... I catch myself listening and singing along to BB Brunes in the morning, at night, in the afternoon... under the shower! Not too good! How old am I, honestly!???! ahah

Not gonna develop on that, I'm blushing already...

Today Chris, Karo and I went to lovely Stockbridge for a walk. The sun was out so so were we :) On the way we stopped to BetFred, aye! We each bet a bit on a few horses. I had never bet on anything so it was quite exciting! The guys said I revealed another side of myself in the betting place, that I was quite hyper! ahah!! Maybe I have a secret addiction for gambling! I will never find out, because it was the first and last time. See I already have the words of an addict...

We went to the pub, the St Vincent to watch the race. Karo and I were quite (very) into the horses, their looks, their behaviour. We lived the race like no one else in the pub. The horse jumped 30 obstacles. So did Karo.

Marte and her new baby joined us. It was incredible the amount of cats, dogs and squirrels we saw on our way! They probably had the same idea when the saw this beautiful sun outside this morning.

Tonight we are playing Risk and even though I have never played, I'm well decided to win! aahah, I love winning!! People who say they don't really care are just liars.

Thought of the day: why are people so dramatic? Don't we already have our little worries not to on top of them add the ones that we make up? Mhm...

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