Je vais bien, ne t'en fais pas.

In France we have this expression that basically means : "No news: good news". Well, this is quite relevant for the current situation.
If you where someone asking me: "so, what's up with you, what have you been up to?" Well, I would answer the usual plain boring "Meh, uni and work really, not much!"
So that is what I have been up to intentionally or not.

Work is still very much enjoyable even though the time spent picking up plastic glasses at 3.30am feels a little bit longer every week.

Uni is almost finished, only one conference to organise -Taipei pleeeaase! And also one exam... shoud be fiiine.

Oh I really shouldn't listen to Snow Patrol, this is fucking depressing. But Spotify is running now so fuck it! Snow Patrol it is.

You know when you come to think about relationships, you come to the conclusion that it is actually quite a miracle to manage to find someone that is made to be with you. By that I mean someone that you could have a relationship for at least 3-5 years. That being only a start.
I mean, come one. You first have to find someone that you like. Personality, looks, all that. Then, once you have your eye on someone that pleases both your mind and your eyes, someone who has the same vision of life, someone whose mind can potentially connect to yours... well then the hardest is still to come. Because at this point you still have half the way to go.
You still have to make sure that that same person feels exactly as strong about you as you feel about her... Tricky business... And people get so desperate as well! No wonder! Look, it's even harder than predict the next economic situation we'll be in! All the rest is just science and numbers. Human relationships, friendship, love, all that is the real thing that no formulas or wads of banknotes will ever help achieving.

So good luck folks! And don't be a rat. Or a superrat.


  1. I like the way and things you write about sister! Way to go :)
    And about finding someone you can connect with..well, just don't find it, let it (him) find you! And do the whole process reversed :) <3

  2. Glad you're enjoying reading me :)
    Yeah I know, I should just be patient, but I do greatly believe in taking matters into your own hands if you know what I mean ;)