A bitter Raccoon...

The Raccoon is not sweet anymore. The Raccoon is just bitter and angry at people. BUT I have learnt that instead of being bitter and angry, being a smart Raccoon would get me so much further than the rest.
So, I am playing it well. It's not that easy to find out what to do, but I'm getting there. It's all about taking time to make the right decisions. If you have good friends (good good friends! Even just a few is fine), a good agenda and your neurones, it should make it easier!

Anyway, very soon I'm going to France. All I need really.
I'll see my family again, some friends, some sun and just take my mind off things -which I do need! I just need to go see my loving ones (the rest of them :) ...) I need some family affection. Unconditional affection. No matter what you do, what you say and the decisions you make, they still love you and you know that will still be in two months time. All I need really.

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