C'est ça la belle vie!

Spring has definitely arrived and so did I. I arrived in Bordeaux last night 20 mins ahead of schedule with mighty Ryanair. I was welcome by my beautiful sister and Maxime (who's nonetheless as beautiful). We drove to Pessac, where my sister lives and I had a quick dinner which consisted of a suculent seafood salad.

This morning there was no morning alarm, no seagulls or empty beer bottles being emptied in a container to wake me up: just the beautiful sound of the birds singing, the warmth of the sun shining through the bedroom's large window and the peacefulness of being home. When I stepped out of the house bare feet I walked around the wooden terrace, glanced at immensity of the 2500 square meters garden and sat by the grass, appreciating every second of it.

In a few hours my sister and I will be heading to the supermarket round the corner and do our little shopping. French supermarket are just so much better. Just the look of all products makes you want to cook a 3 Michelin stars meal! But the one thing I am really looking forward to is the smoked salmon I'll be treating myself with! Mmmhhmmm!!!

On wednesday I will be meeting with Alex for a girly lunch and on Thursday I will be heading to the hairdresser to boost this hair of mine! What a lovely program so far :)



  1. "french supermarket": haha ça c'est clair tu "kiffes" le rayon gateau :)
    ohhhhhh jesus christttttttttttttttt