Take my breath away...

Last night I went out with the peeps for the first time in a loooong time! Indeed I seem to be turning in to a grandma these days... Busy clubs and drunk scottish girls don't do it for me anymore.
So last night was the perfect occasion to make up for all these excuses and missed nights out. But it was a flat party and the idea seemd perfect! We first headed to the Cuckoo's were we got some nice discounts from the (very) charming boss and then headed to this party... mhm..
It was absolutely FULL of french people and there weren't that many people in the flat... so you can imagine (imogen) what was leftfor us to do: DRINK! Oh and also get high! So if you asked me that was a fairly good party, but not because of the actual party, just because we knew how to entertained ourselves approprietly! Jeez we shot Sambuca that Zane -Gnu's coursemate- brought. Crazy peeps! At some point Gnu suggested to drink some and then put a lighter in our mouth to put it on fire, so we did! ahah! Fire in our mouthes, happy times! The frenchies were just looking at us with big eyes ahaha!

Oh no, I have one sad thought... Gnu is leaving today! She's only going to England tho. A visit is on order! She will be living very close to Birmingham and fairly close to London. I am SO planning on going! Hopefully we can all go! All of us and have such a damn good time!!! Oooohh!! Nice!!

Oh how did I manage to talk about the Sambuca and not mentiontoday's unfortunate happening?! Well, for a good start, I am not hangover which is perfect because then I can have an amazing Sunday! Now the thing is: Sambuca makes your breath smell like proper poop!!! -It's ok, it's my blog, I can say whatever I want! No but it's true! HONESTLY!!! It's just awful!!! Ugh

Ok, I am gonna go try enjoy my sunday with first of all a big bowl of Coco pops and 90210, I'll figure out the rest later. Sundays should never be planned if you ask me!

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