Ok, let's be honest with ourselves. Don't you ever feel like life is unfair for good people?! I mean I have never felt like I was particularly bad, but crappy stuff still happens to me no matter what.

You are nice to people, you are just asking for life to be nice and average-y. You don's ask to catch the moon, you just want to be happy, but still , stuff gets in the way. It's so EASY for stuff to get in the way!!! Who THE FUCK decides who should be the one to pay for other people's mistakes?!!

Mhm... well life is unfair, I can't really get on with it but bitterness is taking its toll on me and at some point patience will run out and I'll be feeling miserable... :-/ Shit!

Back to you later on when I feel better. Coz right now it is late, I am not sober, people seem to be hanging out in my garden and ....Psshhh.. Crap, crappy crap!!!!

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  1. LOL That was so funny, although quite depressing, but you know. Drunk writing is always fun! (for the others to read) :)