Hello sweet readers!

Well wasn't it a nice sweet and sunny day? All began so well when I woke up with Marte in my bed and the sun shining...
I put on my lucky charm, and guitar around the neck I made my way down to work. I got to deal with a few French clients which is always quite entertaining. Positive day overall.
We then walked through the meadows with Flavia and Marte, had some girly talk and gave each other "wise" advices that some of us probably won't follow. We also discussed our cultural differences and apparently, in Norway you don't mess with baked potatoes...

Tonight I am meeting Karo and we are going to have a drink around Tollcross... it's about time to have another long talking session! When I think about it, it hasn't really happened since I got back from France. It's waaay overdue. I'm thinking the DragonFly? mhhm....

Oh I'm still looking for two persons to move in my flat and it is definitely taking its toll on me! Why do parents never tell you about this? Parents tell you about bills, work, relationships, ironing (?), but finding flatmates: never! It should be part of all the main lines of a good education because this is honestly a hard one. Finding good flatmates is basically like finding a lover (Cf. one of my older articles). If you have no clue what I'm talking about then I'll cut the crap: it's hard enough to like someone as a person, you also need this person to consider you back.

Ok, I need to leave it here for tonight as plans have changed. I am now the one going up to Brunstfield. Yes, going to the Rooster's flat is probably better! COSY

Love x

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