God I love my mummy! I just had to write it loud!
I'm just back from 6 days in Tarbes- French Pyrenees. It's anything you can expect when going to the south of France: good weather (hot!), good food, good people, good tiiiimes!
I got the warmest welcome from my mum and grandma. I'm always treated like a little princess when I go there and it's just so sweet, I love 'em both to tiny pieces. We walked around town, did some shopping, knitted, watched Roland Garros -and my lovey Federer lose- we also had a car trip to Pau: Henri XIV's city, and just had some time to catch up and gather some strength before I was about to leave again.

Life is full of Goodbyes and this was a tough one. It's only as tough as how good was your stay. And my stay was a delight, so yes, I was sad, and yes I shamefully dried a few tears in the train, making sure nodody could see me, not even the Chinese man sleeping across the alley.

I am now back to Bordeaux, where I was before I left for Tarbes. I'm having seafood salad tonight... maybe this is becoming the new traditional welcome dinner at my sister's.
Tomorrow Mouma is picking me up and we will be watching the Roland Garros finale between Nadal and Soderling. I'm of course supporting the Svenska... just because you know... I like to think that i'm one of the cool kids. Nadal is so not charming, and I'm not only talking physically here...
On Monday I will be making my last trip to town for some last birthday gifts buyings: I'm still late for Maxime's and Mouma's offerings. A charm bracelet and a book- that's the plan. I will also be meeting Kelly to catch up over a cuppa coffee (FYI neither of us drink coffee, so I still don't know why I say that).

I need to wrap it up now, seafood salad does not wait! Oh! Perdon me, the chef says 5 more minutes! Just enough time to wish a Happy Birthday to you my sweet Rooster!!! How fantastic have been these last few months of cosiness?! I'll tell you: it's been sweeeet! So hurra for that and hurra for you getting older but not really! Keep hanging out with the youngsters, it keeps you flawless and filled with youth ;)


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