Back to how it was before

So I'm back.

Edinburgh is cold, people wear flip flops, the flat is a mess, not to mention dirty, I left an untidy room and I have almost no clean clothes. So before I can express my joy to be back, I first of all have to teach -or remind you depending on who you are- how important cleaning your room before you go on holiday is important. Of course it's a hell of a hassle when you have had a week filled with work and cannot wait for anything but leave for your native country, but still: the one thing to remember, or should I say to think about is the feeling you're gonna have when when you'll be back suitcase in hand, sweatdrops on your forehead, with an empty stomack back from the airport after a bus full of Polish peeps (you can't even hear English when you land in Scotland fgs!): first you'll be angry -at yourself. Then, you'll get frustrated -for a leave a nice, hot and tidy home country to find yourself in a giant bin: your room. And to add to this, it's your whole flat which is covered in dirty dishes, dust and untidied recently bought food.

This being said, I was indeed very excited to be back and I am looking forward to be back in the office tomorrow morning by 9.00 o'clock sharp, looking smart and smelling good -hopefully. This is also without mentionning the return of the famous wine o'clock and the now approaching World Cup. So mostly positive things...I think I'll clean a few things tomorrow, so at least when I come back on saturday -this time from a hopefully good party- I can just lie in bed get high from the heavy scent of clean bedsheets that I adore so much.

Night night.

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