Adolescent heart

Fuck, this is gonna be a goood day, and I know it for FACT. And you know why?
Because somehow someone on this ill planet has had the kindness to offer me his bathtub. Someone kind and understanding -and also friggin awesome! KIMBO!!
Oh I'm excited! First bath in a YEAR. At some point I just stopped hoping! But believe it or not, Kim came along and saw how much of a big deal this bath was. So I'm going ALL THE WAY to Inverleith, taking the bus on a sunday, carrying my towels and others bath accessories with me. But Man, this has to be worth it! A real bath with HOT HOT HOT water, steam, bubbles, music, and... wait for it... a Veggie meal at the end! Yeah because... Kim had to entertain herself while I fully enjoy myself, therefore she so kindly offered to cook us a veggie meal for when I come out of my bath! I must have done something right! Don't ask what, but I know that today, I'm blessed!

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