My friend Sabrina's asked me to paint her two paintings for her new flat. One for her bedroom and one for her living room. We agreed she would let me do what I do best for the living room. Something black and white or with colour blocks. Something graphic, structured, pop, fun. Something I would definitely enjoy painting.
But for the second one, the one for her bedroom she had something very precise in mind. An Hawaiian flower. Yes. An Hawaiian flower. Bloody hell!

So. I thought I'm just gonna have to figure out something bacause I can't just be painting a freaking Hawaiian flower with some leafs, nice colours, tah dah!!!! No. I started thinking of how I could change this project into an exciting thing. Also something that I could relate to, feel close to. Because after all it's not like I sell paintings for a living or anything. I still need to do enjoy it and be proud of it.

And there it was. I found a picture on my beloved website and I thought that's the one! Im just gonna change it and customize it to my dear Swiss friend and I hooope she'll like it. If not I'll keep it. Even with the Hawaiian flowers.

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