Good times.

Maybe I should moan about something. Maybe the weather? Work? An untidy bedroom (yes, it does affect my mood)... No holidays, running out of money...
Nahh.. Why would I bother when these are actually good times!

Tonight we went to meet Kim at the Cuckoo's. I respected my own deal and ordered a Hendricks. No cider. No beer. We started off my a good card game. I arrived second (out of three) many times and we followed up this very enjoyable bit of entertainment by some random talk with Toby. Sex, sex with the Eiffel tower, sex shops, porn websites, inflatable dolls.... Don't ask! Anyway, very enjoyable evening indeed.

Yesss! Tomorrow Friday, which means week end, which hopefully means good weather which means Meadows! I've been wanting to go to the Meadows, walk and lay in the sun for so long now.

Only three weeks to go until Marte moves out. Good times too. We will be able to be apart. At last. It's only to find each other again a month later or so... But at least it will be good to just go our own way. Being alone doesn't necessarily means being lonely.

Night night xx

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