La lose.

For once I'm back from the Cuckoo's Nest and upset. I'm upset because APPARENTLY it's not ok to have a few drinks, switch to orange juice for the last one and then decide to go home when it's no earlier than midnight.
What the fuck? Does it really come down to this? Are we teenagers still in need to prove ourselves to our friends. I want to go home: I go home. I dont want to get absolutely shitfaced drunk tonight. FINE.

Barnaby ended up by strongly approving. I'm relieved and a bit calmer now.

Tomorrow's program will be painting, sun, more painting, walk, painting, pampering, drawing and probably Frederick will join me before I go to bed for an enjoyable reading session. Also, if I could I would have a burning hot bath for about an hour, listening to awesome music and reading ELLE... But not happening since I'm one of these miserable people who don't have a bath tub. Bummer.

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  1. Hahah, your friends suck :P Once I'm back, I'm planning to do exactly that -except that I might skip the few drinks before the orange juice ;)
    But I'm very proud of you for not giving in to peer pressure :) Well done girlie!