Let's start over.

Yesterday night we went to see "When you're strange". I let you google it if you have no idea what I'm talking about. It was absolutely awesome. I love music documentaries, and this one being about the Doors, I just thought that I couldn't pretend to be a music lover without going. So I went. And I loved it. Troubled frontmen are so sexy and powerful.. mhmhm..!!

Damn these sunday nights when you just come out of the shower dripping wet and you just sit on the sofa, have a juice of pressed Cox Bramley Apples and just think about all the things you greedily wish for. Damn it! Maybe I should just stop blogging until I cease to do so. But I'll always love pressed Cox Bramley Apples, so I guess I'll just have to brighten up my thoughts on Sunday nights. Not so easy me thinks.

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