Peace Frog

Yesterday, after work we decided to go for a few drinks: Eva, Sabrina, Marte, Mario and me. We first headed to The Orchard in Canomills. We had some Hoegaarden white beer, Marte stole two glasses, we talked about our favorite vegetables and decided it was time to head south. We therefore started walking towards George St and stopped by The Standing order for some cheap burgers, beer and random banter. When we got enough of being surrounded my all the Spanish first time pubbers we made our way towards the old town. Mario suggested this cosy and almost hidden place: Black Bo's. Candle light, small bar and Hendricks: works for me! We stayed there a while talking about gossiping a little about people in the office, sharing the stories of our worst dates, and overall having a great laugh (I must say the story of my brother in law's monkey was one of the highlights, mhm..)!
We then parted and the night took a new turn for Marte and me who decided to head to... *drumroll pleeease*... The Cuckoo's Nest! What a surprise! I guess you weren't expecting that! Of all the places... We had our favorite: Kopparberg Elderflower & Lime. We danced, sang, laughed, drank for free and had a fab time! Simple.


  1. Did you know that Black Bo's is a vegetarian restaurant? I'm glad to hear it was nice, we're planning to go there with Adam on our 1 year anniversary :)

  2. Amazing Annika!!!! Let's go have a meal there as well you and me when you're back!!! I'm looking forward to it already! xxx

  3. Yes indeed we should have a wee lunch or something there! :) I gotta try to gain enough courage to speak to you in French so I won't forget everything lol