Nouveau depart.

Not all so doom and gloom it seems. Not quite as I hoped for either, but someday everything will fall into its right place and we will find a nice balance, some kind of harmony in this fucked up, stupid situation. The sooner, the better, because it's got to be highly worth it.

Sometimes I'm impressed at how brutally honest I can be. Just like I was. Although, I do like it. I believe that nobody owes anything to anyone, except probably honesty. Not always so easy though.

So I guess I'm moving on, trying to make it easier for myself and probably also for my close friends. Minimising collateral damages y'know...

It seems that we are all in such different stages in life that it's just a bit of a challenge to be connected at the same time with the individuals who matter.

Click, click, click. Won't stop just yet I'm afraid...

Faites de beaux reves xx

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