Yesterday was good. Very good indeed.
At around one Marte and I made our way to the Farmers' Market, had a stroll through all the annoying Italian tourists and then, when the time had come, we headed to Jimmy Chung's were we met Mario for lunch. I must say I wasn't so impressed by the food & the place in general, but then again, I didn't really care at the time. We then walked along Tollcross and stopped by Ali's Cave where Mario had a 5 minutes long love-story with some HUGE granny knickers. We tried on some shoes on sale. Going deeper into Tollcross, the Cameo's poster sale caught my eye, so went in and had some fun looking through everything.
We did not stop by the Cuckoo's, even though it was right there. We just took a right instead and continued our journey down to Polwarth to pick up some concert tickets and check out the Santangeli boys.
By then we had already spent a surprisingly unexpected amount of time together. Why stop?
Foutainpark was our next stop on this amazing journey. We bought ticket for Toy Story 3, put on our cool glasses, watched, laughed, didn't cry, got out of the screen, pause pipi, sat down, spotted Gainsbourg profile people, screen 13!, sneaked in, admired the beautiful seats, got comfortable and watched without a hint of guilt the awesome new movie that is Gainsgourg. Amazing!
Maybe we got enough of each other, maybe the right moment came, but we parted ways feeling good about this nonesense day.


  1. Edinburgh! Oh how I miss it!

  2. Kris! I just miss YOU! I want to go roadtripping as soon as!