Allo Ja!

Hello, hello, hello.
I'm running out of words so here are a few photos just to summarize what's been happening lately in my Oh so wonderful life:

Marte moved in to her new one bedroom flat (uh, uh, uh). Sweeeet!

While she was unpacking, I was already making myself at home. Picturing some lazy sunday afternoons ahead of us. This couch is a gift from God!

I got ill as a dog. Fever and all the shit. Here you can see what a Raccoon's goose bumps look like.

Sinead took Karo and I to the ECA postgraduate textile design fashion show. The ECA must be doing something right I must say, because all were very talented. I let you judge the work...

Happy peeps! And below, some of my favourite pieces:


I got quite fascinated by this Russian guy's front house... You might be too.

We had a dinner + impromptue cake party at Marte's crib. Yeah! Check out all the toffee sauce. Oh, watch out, you just drooled on your keyboard!

Hungry person.

On sunday we went to the game: Hibbs Vs Rangers. Check this out!!! That was AWESOME! I'm going back, man!

My dear Kimbo and I.

This week I worked and worked and worked. My room had become a real mine field! Badgad, I'm telling you!

A proper tidying up session was in order. Heavy music and the whole lot. And Tah Dah!!!!

Tonight we are heading to town for this night at the GRV: Modern Lovers, but also and mainly in my heart for Sabrina's leaving drinks. A little goodbye before she leaves for good to go to England. I also need to finish this painting I promised her! I'll keep you updated on that and will probably post a wee picture of that very soon.

Have a good night wee rodents and other farm animals! xx


  1. what?!? are you calling me a cow?!! ya bitch!