Give me some sleep!

I haven't had a proper night of full sleep since last week. Work, parties, work, work, work.... This being said I did get to see good bands: Phoenix and Modest Mouse. Bad artists too: Mika and Jason Derulo (by far the worst). I am looking forward to tomorrow night because guess what I'm doing?? Nothing!! Tonight I will finish the painting and maybe also meet with Sabrina for one last drink and then tomorrow I will have no painting due, no work, no plans, nothing! This is gonna be awesome!
I'm listening to Andy Williams. Don't care if it's classified as "classical music" at HMV. I like it. What do they know anyway? Peter Andre's album is in the Rock department... (and it's priced at £20!!)

Right now I have absolutely no clue as to when I'll go back to France for a visit. This is a bit scary. Don't know if I'll get to go home long enough at Christmas to go see everyone, and I know that if I only get like 4 or 5 days, it's gonna look like everything BUT holidays. Maybe October? Or later...

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  1. Sleep is over-rated anyway. I hadn't been home for over 6 months I realised when I came back this summer! Isn't that awful? That place is supposed to be 'home'......