No fun

I'm bored, I'm so fucking bored!!!! The past three days have been the most pointless-boring-sick days of 2010 so far. I've been missing out on good weather, parties, tacos, possibly cinema, farewell drinks: la totale quoi! So instead I've just been sitting at home, being a complete nervous wreck, not being able to do anything but still not wanting not to be doing anything. I've been turning around (no further than in my bed that is) like a lion in a cage. And to top it all up, my laptop is a piece of shit. Not surprise here, it's old news.
Hopefully I'll have recovered by next week end and I can seriously make up for it! Oh. yes. Uh uh.

I got nothing to do. Nothing that I can do except lying down. I've seen all the movies in the world (not true). My hands hurt too. I'm fucking bored. I'm fucking bored. Bummer.

No fun my babe no fun
No fun my babe no fun
No fun to hang around
Feeling that same old way
No fun to hang around
Freaked out for another day
No fun my babe no fun
No fun my babe no fun
No fun to be around
Walking by myself
No fun to be alone
In love with nobody else
Well maybe go out maybe stay home
maybe call Mom on the telephone
Well come on, well come on,
well come on........

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