This is goodbye

Today was a weird, slow and sad day. Although, surprisingly enough, it wasn't THAT bad.
Firstly, the morning went so slowly. 10:30am, you'd think it was already lunch time, but no such chance... You probably know what I mean.

Then, I just had to get used to the idea that my dear Sabrina was leaving us. Mostly leaving me, actually. Last moments, last laughs, last talk talk, last advices, last Swiss/French translations. Oh, I'm going to miss you dearly! This is only until the next time though. The real "aurevoir". When she'll be back from her Swiss holidays, we'll meet one last time in Edinburgh, get drunk, have fun, laugh, talk, give each other advices, dance, sing and part. Then I will always be able to go see her down South in Portsmouth, but it won't be that easy...

Second break up: Marte. We are taking a break. Not living together anymore. Leaving each other just to find ourselves back again when the time has come. She's moving in to her very grown up one bedroom flat in Polwarth where I seriously plan on leaving my toothbrush if you get what I mean ;) She won't object I'm sure.
Back in Tollcross I will now be living with Chris and Mickey. Random mix I hear you say. I know :)

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  1. Portsmouth is nice! I can hear the words 'ROAD TRIP.'