Nothing ever happened

No matter how the environment differs around you, everything is always the fucking same.
You're the same person, with the same thoughts. New thoughts might have been created but old ones are always sneaking around, ready to jump at your throat during your slightest moment of inattention. So beware of the bad ones.

I've been thinking a lot -as you can tell. It would probably be simpler if I could erase part of my memory and start from whichever moment in time pleased me. The truth is, it's not that easy. You can't force yourself to forget, just like you can't force yourself to remember. Feelings make you think in a certain way and no efforts, however devoted they are, will ever help. Ok, I'm not very devoted to that. I have a lazy mind. Oh yes, I actually do -big time. I haven't really, genuinely tried to clear up my mind.

I have lost stuff that there's no way I'll ever get back. So I believe, for now.

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