Pouce!!! Je me rends.

I've definitely given up on a few things. I realized that this morning when my new Ipod/radio device rang off at 7.30am.
First of all, the radio. People have turned gay -fo' sho. All the music on "normal" radio is shit, guys (and girls) have turned gay, especially the ones who dress with white vests and pretend to tell girls how great they are. They probably don't even know what a girl tastes like. So yeah, the maintstream radio first of all.
Also, this bloody report. I did not sign up to learn how to provide people service. I do not want to provide anybody a service. I want to provide gigs: one off thrilling experiences. Certainly not food on a plate. Don't need to know all about silver service. So fuck SOM. I'll do my very best to pass, but really... this module is going against all my personal career goals.
I really didn't want to mention it, but the snow really? Well, in fact, the snow is good, me likes it. It's the government I don't understand. So apparently you're supposed to check on your neighboors to make sure they have "a loaf of bread, sugar and tea". How about a pack of crisps while they're at it? And this is all because apparently people in need of help are too shy to ask for it. It's not war time as far as I know.
Fourth? Yes, this report again. Maaaaan!!
Oh, I was gonna forget. One thing this weather is not doing in my favour: my creams cannot arrive by plane and in the meantime my hands might well fall off. Ah well. Maybe I should wish for that before monday so I don't have to type the report?? Mhmhm... need to think about that.
And finally: people. God, some people are stupid. I have given up on a few of them. Thankfully the ones I have given up on don't really matter and probably never have. The ones that are pissing me off right now at least still matter to me which I guess is a good sign.

Positive thing? Good music will save us all.

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